This started with a vision that I didn't know we shared. Sometimes grown-ups do know best.

For Christmas, my grandpa created a website for me. I've dreamed of being a fashion designer, and this opportunity was the beginning. My future started in 2018 because someone believed in me.

Mission statement – Making Opportunities - Making a Difference - Making Sense

Company policies –  No harassment, discrimination or disrespect stuff here, EVER, of any kind.

Executive profiles 

Emilee Lynn - Business Woman - CEO

Student, Athlete, Designer, Aspiring Teen Tycoon 

The small investment from my CFO opened opportunities I never thought possible. He believes enough in me that I'm the CEO. It's my company. I hope everyone going forward believes in me too and our dream.

Grandpa - Old Dude - CFO

Since the beginning of time most species relied on females to nurture the young , they have a bond only nature can explain.  They have a unique way to communicate only a woman has. The sound of their voice makes you feel secure, feel safe.  I'm not sure at what age most humans forget women have a voice and, an opinion. Things are changing, FINALLY!  <caps means I'm,   you know.