Custom Personal Pillows

Memory Maker Pillows

We try to have a selection for every taste or decor. Sometimes you want one no one has. We can transfer your 8x10  scaled photo to fabric to create a lasting reminder of a special day or event. We manufacture these in our West Yellowstone facility. I cut and machine sew the material on the kitchen table then  stuff and hand stitch the opening sitting in front of the TV!  It doesn't get more HomeMade than that. 

Because it's custom made from your photo it is truly personal and we are affordable. Most of our sales are for gift giving and we can ship your order directly discreetly.  Weddings, anniversaries, babies first pillow, help me out be creative and  we will make it.

Email us a few pics. We send proofs for approval . Shipping domestic US  free!! $20 for the first one $30 for two!!  Two sided custom add $4.00 per pillow.

All of the pillows in this section are made from pictures on fabric They are 20% OFF and in STOCK ready to ship FREE.  $16 for one $24 for two! 


Our Nature Collection

We have more coming soon.  Our two sided pic-pillows too!

powered by positive

Handmade with LOVE

Maybe sewing pillows isn't an excellent idea for CFO Grandpa; It's tempting to "test" everyone out. I remind myself these aren't that kind and carry on. We will be adding these to our online store later but for now, are focusing on our local market.

 Grandpa also remembers the coin purse. tudeGirls call it exTra pockeT. It's a simple zipper pouch but with a diaper pin to make it a one hand operation. The YNP 2019 examples printed on fabric from my pictures are for retailers too. Tourist love anything with YNP and adding the year makes it special for those that only get to visit once. More pics, products and prices coming soon.  

Can't Wait?  Text Dean @  406-282-4411



Takes both feet

Sew without Electricity

Just about everyone has seen a pedal operated electric sewing machine. Some have seen a treadle machine, and it takes both feet to run, fewer have used one — the bonus, no electricity necessary. Grandma had a similar model as in the video below, and the sound, engineering, and finished product intrigued me. 

It was in the early nineteen sixties, and I was about ten. Granny had nearly fifty years experience and was liking watching the magic happen. She could make that machine sing despite both of their ages, and when it went wrong, I  learned some words only "grown-ups" can say. She took the time to let me "try".

Fast forward to junior high, and we had elective courses. I followed tradition and took metal shop 1 and woodshop 1 in the 7th grade. The next year first semester was cooking, the second sewing. My friends questioned my masculinity until I pointed out there are 25 girls, me and gay Pete in the class. Besides, I think I learned a lot more there than making a birdhouse, while they spent another hour every day being a teenage boy. I learned how to make a dress, make a cake, sew a hem or a button on. The most valuable part I will never forget is being in the eighth grade in 1969 and being accepted as one of the girls even though they knew I was a jock too. It helped that I could help them with homework and I had a girlfriend! I learned so much about girls that year made me a better man. 

Fast forward a half a century or fifty years, whichever sounds best to you to 2019. My Grandaughter showed some interest in fashion, so I thought she should learn the basics of sewing, fabrics, and the possibilities to share what inspires her. Of course, my spark has turned into a flame, and I owe it all to grandma, my home-ec teachers and the young girls in class that taught me about women and how to be a man, not a boy.  

Thank You, Ladies. 

The rest of this story will come from my Grandchildren.  

I can Fail. I can Lose. I can Accept It.


treadle pedal