Pics and video of some of my toys for sale to give you an idea.  I take VERY good care of my things, 


Mounted my phone with GPS speedo and topped @ 20 MPH.  Fast enough for fun. Video is real speed.

Grandkid fun

The FY03 and the Quad. Filmed with a very inexpensive quadcopter, I have a couple of those for sale too!

Air Boat

After years of walking around town I name these mini lakes that appear every spring.  Behind the Buffalo Bar is a perfect test "lake" 

RC Fishing boat

This is the only toy I never had the chance to use. It really can catch fish and so much more. I also know the laws for Montana about remote fishing so that is worth twice the price. 

My higher end Quad

I like this quad so much I bought another when on sale, Think they need to go as a pair. Im pricing them that way.